Student senate offers free airport shuttle


Photo courtesy student senate

In the midst of the chaos and excitement of every rare break that Calvin College crosses paths with, Student Senate has sought order and has provided us with one less thing to worry about: a free shuttle ride to the Gerald R. Ford airport.

Student Senate conducted a survey sent to the entire student body to see if they would be interested if a shuttle service was available. After a roaring, 428 students said that they would appreciate a service like this; Student Senate put it into motion.

Originally, the shuttle service was not free. After another survey sent out to the students that used the shuttle, the students voiced that seven dollars was too expensive for the shuttle. After changing the price from seven dollars to zero dollars, the number of students who utilized the shuttle increased.

Before Christmas, spring and summer breaks, students are able to sign up for time slots on the day before the break begins. For Christmas break, however, the students are able to sign up for time slots during two days before the break begins.

Although the student responses were “very positive and supportive”, said Student Senate member Jisoo Kim, she admits they cannot take all the credit. The new initiative to provide free, shuttle rides to the airport was originally enforced by President Jona Eigege. The Senate could not have done it without her.

The Student senate, as a team effort, has made great strides in making this opportunity for students possible. For each break, they rent a van or a car from the Physical Plant at Calvin.

Student Senate sends out an email to the certified drivers at Calvin to see who is interested in being a student driver for the shuttle. So far, the students “were pleased about the quality of the service and expressed their desire to use the services again, if provided.” Said Jisoo Kim.

Looking to the future, Student Senate hopes to enforce another shuttle service that will be provided at the beginning of summer vacation. Results of the responses revealed that the students appreciated the Senate for providing the services, especially for free.

Jisoo Kim expressed, “To coordinate this project has been an incredible opportunity. I thank students’ support for this project and the support of the entire Senate team and JB, because their encouragements have kept this project alive and going, finally making it to come to reality.”

As the seniors of the Student Senate graduate, they hope that next year’s senate is willing to continue the project that the senate this year has started.