Film explores the meaning of “white privilege”

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“Mirrors of Privilege” is a film that focused on the lives of several white Americans and their stories pertaining to race. It described how racism might not be as evident in the United States as it used to be, but the thousands of small, ingrained things in our society create a world of inequality that those of us who are white never see. As a person who has grown up in a mostly white environment, trying to be engaged in issues of race, this film offered a lot to my experience. I’ve often thought about the two-sided coin of how blessed I am by God and my family, and also how I try to work hard to succeed in school or work. However, looking at my life through the lens of race, as this film does, it makes me think that there is so much in my life that I take for granted because I am a young white person. What the film stressed most of all was the need to educate people about the (not so) invisible privilege white people carry with them. The only way to begin to fix the gaps of injustice and inequality in our world is to begin educating and empowering all people to live in love and be aware that not everything is as simple as it seems on the outside.