Editorial: Let us speak the truth in love

Editorial: Let us speak the truth in love

Fact (n): Something that truly exists or happens; a true piece of information.

There are thousands of things at Calvin that truly exist and happen. There are many true pieces of information. It is Chimes’ job to report them.

If you have ever taken a journalism class (or read Journalism for Dummies) you will know journalism’s first obligation is to the truth. More importantly, it’s an obligation to unbiased and transparent truth.

But truth is more than just a compilation of facts or real things that exist. Truth has something more. It requires wisdom, thought and faith.

I have spent the past three years with Chimes reporting the facts. During my time here, Chimes has brought you stories of community events, faculty decisions, people leaving Calvin and people coming. We have featured you and your friends, your favorite professors and things you may not have even thought were important. Through it all I would like to believe we have also brought you truth: Stories that accurately reflect our community, our mission as an institution and the people that comprise it.

As Christians living in a community, we have a compounded need for and respect of the truth. I have found, however, that there is sometimes a fear to speak the truth in order to maintain the status quo. Especially when that truth may appear in print.

Our need for truth as Christians is not an abstract ideal. It is necessary to maintain a healthy community; a healthy body of Christ. I hope to report the truth this year, but the stories we write must first come from the people we interview. They must come from you. Let us speak the truth in love.

“Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body.” Ephesians 4:25