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Chimes staff answers: What was the best part of this year?

Photo by Anna Delph

Photo by Anna Delph

Photo by Anna Delph

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Joseph Matheson (Editor in Chief)

The people. The highlight of my Chimes experience from freshman year through to the end of my senior year has been the wonderful people with whom I’ve gotten to work. Their dedication to journalism, to telling the stories of people at Calvin, to inane grammatical rules and of course to each other has inspired me and probably spoiled me for any future workplace.

Lauren DeHaan (Online Editor)

My favorite part of being on the Chimes staff this year was creating new friendships along with our paper. We all worked really hard to write the stories that matter to the Calvin community and I enjoyed every moment of it. I can’t wait for next year’s late nights, crazy deadlines and amazing people and stories.

Kate Parsons (Online Editor)

Being an online editor, even just for a semester, has been one of my best experiences at Calvin. It’s exhilarating to hear people talking about an article I wrote, or to see something I edited get shared on Facebook. But it’s more than just what I am able to do — I’ve been so impressed with the whole Chimes staff this year. I think we’ve managed to attract some the most mature, competent, intelligent and sarcastic people out there, and every Wednesday night is its own sort of party. Whether musing on the utility of messenger penguins or debating the plural of “tug-of-war” (is it “tugs-of-war” or “tug-of-wars”?), we’ve weathered our challenges and managed every week to put together a paper that I’m proud of.

John Muyskens (Managing Editor, Science and Technology Editor)

To be sure, without the community Chimes would just be another job. The people make it special, and the diversity of opinions and personalities make it unique. My favorite thing about Chimes, however, is the voice it gives the Calvin community. I am privileged to get to design that voice. Actually, forget all that. I’m really just in it for the snacks.

Abby Paternoster (Opinion and Editorial Editor)

Chimes staff are some of the most honest, most interesting people I’ve encountered in my two years at Calvin. These people are passionate, concerned, aware, intelligent individuals who are really working to produce something worthwhile for the Calvin community. We are all very different and are passionate about different things, but we were able to accomplish some incredible things this year while working together and we had a blast doing it. I have never worked in a community like this before and I can honestly say that having this opportunity blessed me beyond belief.

Nick Keeley (Arts and Entertainment Editor)

I’ve loved every moment of my four years of writing and editing for the Chimes, but this year was definitely the best. The chance to get to know and work with the great group of dedicated, witty and brilliant people that make up this year’s Chimes staff has been one of my favorite parts about my time at Calvin. Spending every Wednesday night working to put out a quality paper with everyone is always a bright point of my week, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the experience.

Connor Sterchi (Campus News Co-Editor)

Without a doubt, writing and editing for Chimes has been a tremendous blessing.  I will miss working with such a great company of creative, collaborative, conscientious, diligent and thoughtful peers.  Chimes is an invaluable asset to the Calvin student body and community at large, a public forum in which the scoop is unearthed, news and stories are told and current issues, debates and ideas are engaged and exchanged.

Alden Hartopo (Campus News Co-Editor)

The greatest part of working for Chimes is knowing that we are making a difference in the Calvin community whether it is through the features we cover, the stories we tell or the discussions that we foster and facilitate. I have never been more passionate to improve and enhance an organization and to bring out the best of this incredible institution. Being a part of the staff team has been my greatest joy this year and it has been a wonderful year to get to work with some of the most incredible people I have met. I have developed many close friendships and have found a group of people who know me well and have accepted me amidst all my weaknesses so I really thank you all for the support you have provided. I look forward to another amazing year and to cover the whole range of upcoming new stories that the next year will bring.

Jacob Kuyvenhoven (Sports Editor)

This isn’t a very unique answer, but my favorite part of Chimes was getting closer to a really interesting group of people. It was great fun to spend time each week up late with people who came from all different majors and all different friend groups. It’s definitely a common ground that you can’t forge any other way, so that’s a really cool thing.

Catherine Kramer (Features Editor)

I really enjoyed making new friends through Chimes this year. As a senior, I have been a part of several Calvin communities in my time here, but rarely have I felt comfortable so soon after meeting a new group of people. Our different perspectives and ideas only enhance the paper  we put our every week. Our relationships that have developed as a result of our time together, and I will miss yelling at Alden on Wednesday nights.

Bekah Coggin (Religion Co-Editor)

Chimes has taught me that writing does not always have to be miserable! Journalistic writing is so formulaic and factual that even this math girl can enjoy it! It has also allowed me to interview and learn from people on campus that I wouldn’t otherwise get to meet. Of course working with the Chimes staff has been great too. Between the eating rare fruits for snacks, arguing between the words ‘fewer’ and ‘less’ (yes, Ryan, I finally have it figured out) and the incredibly sarcastic humor we all enjoy, late nights in the Chimes office are always entertaining.

Nathan Groenewold (Religion Co-Editor)

When I jumped on board as a section editor — thanks to an email from Ryan Struyk — I have to confess I had only written one piece of journalism in my life. Turns out, that can be the best kind of challenge: just jumping in and thinking later. The best part of the year? Besides the glory, the wealth and the fame? I’d have to say seeing the fresh Friday morning Chimes in hands and on desks all over campus.

Anna Delph (Photography Editor)

I love being around a group of people who are dedicated to creating something great. I’m continually impressed by how hard everyone works every week to put out this paper. These are busy college students take hours out of their day to make a difference at their school. I’ve seen them debate with professors and faculty, travel hundreds of miles to cover a story and work for months gathering content for a single issue. No one asked them to do it, it’s not a core requirement and they’re not being paid nearly enough to merit it as an actual job. It’s all just raw passion.  Despite all the work and stress, the Chimes office is still one of the most fun and lighthearted places on campus. My fellow staff members inspire me, and I hold great respect for them and the responsibilities they have taken on.

Chantelle Yazzie (On-call Photographer)

I enjoy the thrill of attending Calvin events and capturing the moments! It helps me feel part of Calvin’s community though I am in the background or right under the spotlight. I feel happy knowing I am part of Chimes.

Hayley Cox (On-call Writer)

Chimes is an organization dedicated to keeping people in the know. The people search tirelessly for the latest news and never fail to inform the student body of the ins and outs of their college.  I love the ability to start conversations and be a member of an organization and publication committed to providing a platform for all voices.  The Chimes staff is a fun, intelligent, witty group of people devoted to every issue that crosses their radar.  I have been blessed to be included in their group, and I hope the vision and leadership of Chimes, the same that sustained discussions of everything from governance and core to student organizations and events, remains strong in the coming year.

Ruthy Berends (On-call Writer)

Being on Chimes has been a total learning experience for me. I’ve learned how to conduct a productive and meaningful interview, how to write a strong article on a tight deadline, and how to communicate an idea to a large group of people in a powerful way. The strength of the leadership and collaborative nature of the Chimes staff makes all of this only achievable, but enjoyable. I could not be more grateful for the brilliant writers and editors I’ve had the pleasure of working with this year or the stories we’ve put out. Being on Chimes this year taught me about good journalism, but taught me even more about good collaboration.

Leah Jonker (On-call Writer)

The Chimes staff has changed dramatically since my freshman year. Four years ago, I was nervous and inexperienced, and there was nothing more terrifying than walking into the Chimes office to meet a clique of confident upperclassmen. I turned around, thinking I would never go back into that room again. But then I did. This year’s staff has made it a priority to open up, invite, welcome and challenge conversation, making the newsroom community a comfortable environment for everyone: writers, editors and photographers. It has truly been a blessing working with this amazing staff.

Ben Rietema (On-call Writer)

Being in an environment of people who are passionate about news and who are great to work with has been a pretty awesome thing. It’s also been interesting to learn how to interview people and the importance of a good quote. Some of you people give quotes that are blander than Corn Flakes, and that’s not so fun when it’s midnight and I’m trying to pound out an article. No, I’m not bitter… okay maybe I’m a little bitter.

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