Letter to the Editor: Veterans Day


Veterans Day unrecognized by Calvin College

Dear Editor,

I was disappointed to see that Monday, Nov. 11 passed without note from Calvin College. As many people may know, last Monday was Veterans Day, a time to reflect upon and thank those who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

Calvin College is all about discussing the issues in a healthy environment. Since being here I have seen discussions on North Korea, environmentalism, Syria, LGBTQ and many more. So why can’t we have a discussion about veterans? There are certainly many things to talk about. The currently unemployment rate for post 9/11 veterans stands at about 10 percent. That is significantly higher than the civilian demographic (Washington Post). Why is the unemployment rate for Veterans so high? According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, 10 percent to 18 percent of vets suffer from PTSD, three percent to 25 percent suffer from depression and many vets will have issues with excessive tobacco and alcohol use. Are these not issues worth talking about?

Considering less than one percent of Americans will ever serve in the military, it may seem like this issue is not relevant. However, is that a reason we shouldn’t talk about it? Whether you agree with what our military does or not, its impact is global, and that means it affects you and me. Why can’t we talk about it, especially at a place like Calvin, where we are encouraged to face the “tough” questions?

Gene Berlin ’16