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Buck Fridays announces winners in student voting wall

Photo by Alden Hartopo.

You may soon get the chance to relive your prom night, but this time with your college friends and dressed up from “The Great Gatsby” era.

Recently, students had the opportunity to vote on a number of proposed student events for next semester and Interim.

The proposal to have a “Great Gatsby” formal showed to be the popular student choice, taking 166 votes. Nicole Wilson, a member of the weekend programming team, explained they may even add in a poker element to the night.

“We’re going to have it off-campus,” Wilson said, “so it’ll be one of the first off-campus formals that is also campus wide.”

Wilson said the committee is very excited that this event will be off campus and open to all students.

“There are dorm banquets for those living on campus, but we thought it would be fun to include the entire campus in a formal event,” Wilson said.

While this won’t be a Buck Fridays event, Wilson said it won’t be too expensive.

“We’re going to strive to keep costs extremely low, of course,” Wilson said. “But we still want to make it a night to remember.”

While most of the proposed events are tentative, Wilson said the “Great Gatsby” formal is on the schedule for the end of February.

The second place winner of the voting wall was for an event with a puppy patch and petting zoo. Wilson said that will be coming during Interim and will be a Nite-Life event in the field house.

While these were the two winning events, Wilson said there are a few other new events in the planning.

“We’re wanting to bring in a dance crew; that had a lot of interest on the voting wall,” Wilson said. They’re looking into bringing in different groups from Chicago or Detroit to have a dance battle.

Another new event in the planning is a “Hunger Games” weekend. Wilson said in they would show the new “Hunger Games” movie in March. That same weekend, there will be a campus wide “Hunger Games” event, including a reaping.

Wilson said there is one event that is not tentative.

“We’ve got Bancheck the Magician and that’s been solidified,” Wilson said. “He came last year and blew the crowd away, so he’s coming back this year.”

Bancheck is scheduled to be here on Friday, Jan. 17.

Wilson said the line of events will be wrapped up with the familiar Calvin’s Got Talent show.

“We’re glad that students came by and voiced their opinion,” Wilson said.

 The student event committee is pleased that they could include students in their planning stages.

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