Rooks-VanDellen seeks to end Schultze-Eldersveld dynasty


Photo by Anna Delph.

After last year’s unsuccessful vie for the coveted first place, Rooks-VanDellen (RVD) is coming back with a passion for victory in Chaos Day this year. Much of this year’s hype comes from formidable freshmen competence.

“Our freshmen are stellar in all points of life so I think that really bodes well for the academic rigor, the endurance. We’ve got marathoners, power lifters — we’ve got it all. We’ve covered all our bases,” said Matt Greeley, a resident assistant.

This year RVD has decided to go with a cereal theme.

“On the back of our shirt it actually says Dorm of Champions, which is from the Wheaties quote: the Breakfast of Champions,” said Hannah Pettinga, the dorm president.

“The slogan we’re going with is, ‘They’re Gr-r-reat!’ from Frosted Flakes, because I really believe that my students are great,” added resident director Andrea Prins.

“Great moments are born from great opportunity and we have an opportunity to win because we have a lot of camaraderie, a lot of strength and a lot of great things are happening in this dorm,” declared Greeley.

In a message to defending champion Schultze-Eldersveld (SE), Prins stated, “Emily Colledge has been saying it’s the year of the thumb, but we’ve been saying, ‘cut off the thumb,’ — but it’s all in good fun.”

“We are gonna be SE’s kryptonite” said resident assistant Blake Wichtowski, in reference to the “Man of Steel” themed dorm.

RVD is determined to strive for glory in the annual sporting event, and coming short of first is not an option.

“Second place is in the past. RVD taking first this year is unavoidable,” said Pettinga.