Letter to the Editor – May 3

Letter to the Editor - May 3

Dear Editor,

I read the article on Dance Guild and while I think it is well-written, I and several friends thought there was much left unsaid.

First, for the positive.  This semester featured a new slide show before each act which not only informed the audience what dance was next and who choreographed it, but also highlighted the inspiration and meaning behind each act. This show also stood out from previous years in the many spiritual-based dances featured.

Nowhere was this more manifested than in Audition Guys Hip-Hop dance, which used hip-hop to portray the Passion of the Christ.  I have never heard a crowd scream so loudly! I think it was unique, powerful, and redeeming to promote faith in such a culturally in-tune way, and I hope future choreographers will emulate it.

Now, the negative. I know a lot of people felt like the Contemporary, Lyrical, and Modern dances were all essentially the same. Blending genres is something Dance Guild has always struggled with, and I think choreographers should use the show as an opportunity to show off what is unique about each style of dance.

The programs were another major setback. While nicely formatted, in terms of font, spelling and grammatical, they were atrocious. This is an area in which Dance Guild has always suffered.  Leadership is about more than organizing cool dances and making fun videos.

The programs are a written testament to the professionalism of the leadership team and the first impression the audience has of the show. If they can’t be bothered to proofread their programs, what does that say about the caliber of the entire organization? I urge future leadership to break these cycles and produce a show people won’t just enjoy, but of which everyone can be proud.

Hayley Cox, ‘14