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Humans vs. Zombies invades Calvin’s campus


Are you witnessing students walking around with bandanas tied around their arms or foreheads? Are sock balls flying over your head?

Calvin’s campus is currently the stage for an epic game of tag where zombies chase after humans to expand and build a zombie horde.

“The game is played all over the world in places such as churches, military bases and community centers,” says Jared Votaw, the resident director of Boer-Bennink. Votaw initially introduced this game to the college last year, where they played the game for a duration of five days.

The game began around 10:45 p.m. on Sunday night after a brief informational meeting to introduce the game before its commencement. During this game, students who had signed up to participate would tie a bandana on their upper arm to signify their “human” status. One allocated mystery zombie will commence the game by building a zombie horde by tagging humans. The mystery zombie would remain unknown for 24 hours.

The game then climaxes with zombies chasing after their human prey. Humans can defend themselves by throwing a sock ball to paralyze the zombie and manage an escape, hoping to stay alive and human.

According to, the website dedicated to this game, “human players must remain vigilant and defend themselves with sock balls to avoid being tagged by a growing zombie horde.” The chase for victory will go on for four days ending at 10:30 p.m. on Thursday night.

Furthermore, the game will involve certain missions that humans have to complete successfully. This game is more than just an average game of tag. Humans vs. Zombies comes with advantageous and appealing bonuses that make it a beneficial game to be played within a college setting.

“It’s a way to build community,” says Votaw.

Students who are participating in the game are finding themselves meeting new people throughout campus.

“I’m not really expecting to win,” says Amber Gilliland, a current freshman at Calvin.

“The game is a way to get involved, which I enjoy doing,” Gilliland continues.

“You get to know more people. For instance, this lunch, I already met another human who is trying to stay alive and we just started talking,” says Gilliland.

Students involved in the game are already finding themselves reaching out and meeting new people, building acquaintances and making friends. A game of tag is giving people opportunities to expand their social circles and friend zones.

“Besides the experience of playing this game, I also am looking forward to the camaraderie that I will build from this game,” adds Matthew Schanck, also a current freshman.

“It’s a free game,” continues Votaw, “so it’s a cheap way to build community on campus.”

The game offers unique ways for students to build community. Students are also experiencing teamwork through this game.

“We have missions as humans and these missions make us work together,” says Schanck.

According to Votaw, Humans vs. Zombies also provides students an opportunity to be involved and active on campus.

“It’s important for students to feel and be involved in their college experience,” says Votaw.

Students who have eagerly joined the game appear to be looking for a break from college academic life and are looking for fun involvement around campus.

“It’s the end of the year and I want to have fun,” says Jessica Somerville.

“In all honesty, it adds excitement to my life when finals and papers are coming up,” concludes Somerville.

Humans vs. Zombies has also been introduced at the perfect time. Students are looking for unique experiences and fun distractions as they begin to feel the heavy load of being a student. This game is serving as a breather for those feeling the stress of a school year coming to an end.

For others, it appears to be giving a positive push for their busy academic life.

“I enjoy the adrenaline it provides for me, which actually helps me study and focus better later,” says Matthew Schanck.

Students are running around campus excited and mildly paranoid. Humans seek to survive and win in the end, and zombies aim to build their horde. Competition is alive and the game is getting heavily intense as humans encounter their mission while having the challenge of staying alive. Zombies are nearby and equally vigilant as they continue to feed on human flesh and add to their growing zombie horde.

“It’s day one of the game, and I’m already feeling paranoid,” says Gilliland.

“How long am I actually going to last?” questions Somerville.

“It’s an intense game and people are ready to attack. There a lot of action and a lot paranoia,” adds Matthew Schanck.

The campus runs rampant with humans and zombies each striving for a victory in an epic battle of tag.

Who will win? Humans or zombies?



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