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Fall guide to film and theaters

It’s a great year for film; there is no doubt about it.

Last week, Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master” was sent into wider release, Terrance Malick is premiering his latest work “To The Wonder” in Venice, and we have a double Christmas present from Tarantino and Jackson — “Django Unchained” — and the hugely anticipated part one of “The Hobbit.” I couldn’t have imagined a better fall lineup.

To celebrate this, undoubtedly in a small way, this week’s Features section will serve as a guide to Grand Rapids theaters and the movies they present, both blockbuster and independent.

 The Wealthy Theater

If you love to being perpetually terrified, the Wealthy Theater is a place you should visit. Beginning Oct. 2, Wealthy Theater will be playing a different horror movie every week on Tuesday at 8 p.m. Once October has finished, Wealthy Theater will then start Quentin Tarantino month which follows the same times, every Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Month of Horror
Oct. 2 — Carrie
Oct. 9 — The Dead Man
Oct. 16 — Friday the 13th
Oct. 23 — Ringu
Oct. 30 — The Exorcist

Tarantino Month
Nov. 6 — Jackie Brown
Nov. 13 — Kill Bill Vol 1
Nov. 20 — Kill Bill Vol 2
Nov. 27 — Inglorious Basterds

The Urban Institute for Contemporary Art

So maybe horror isn’t your thing; maybe you want to relax and watch a movie you can reflect on. If so, you might want to head over the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art. The UICA is currently showing the Detroit documentary “Detropia” and will be showing new movies every couple of weeks. For “This American Life” and Ira Glass lovers, the UICA will be opening the Glass produced comedy “Sleepwalk with Me” Friday, Sept. 28.

In addition to the movies they normally show, the UICA will also be showing what they call Community Cinema, which is always free to the public. Community Cinema, as you might have guessed, are documentaries that explore community and are a way that the UICA can give back to theirs.

Now Showing — “Detropia” and “Sleepwalk with Me”

Oct. 9 at 7 p.m. (Community Cinema) — “As Goes Janesville”

Oct. 12 — “Stars in Shorts”

Oct. 19 — “Side by Side”

Nov. 13 at 7 p.m. (Community Cinema) —“Solar Mamas”

Celebration Cinema/ Larger Theaters

Okay, so maybe you want to see movies that you can talk to other people about. Maybe you want to see a movie that more than five people have seen. If you feel this way, you’re in luck. In wide release there are lots of great movies opening this fall. On Friday, Sept, 28, the action, time-bending thriller “Looper” starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis is opening nationwide. Last week, Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest work “The Master” came to theaters with positive reception. There are so many great movies coming out, but so little time. I’ll highlight a few.

Now playing — “The Master”
— “Moonrise Kingdom”
— “Looper”
— “Hotel Transylvania”
Oct. 5 — “Frankenweenie”
—“Taken 2”
Oct. 12 — “Seven Psychopaths”
Oct. 19 — “Paranormal Activity 4”
Oct.  26 — “Cloud Atlas”

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