Moses makes Chaos Day appearance


Chimes editor in chief Abby Zwart managed to snap this photo of the cunning and evanescent Moses before he disappeared.

In the midst of all the Chaos Day action, the infamous and elusive Moses made his annual appearance.

Moses, a large golden statue with a storied history at Calvin, has been the subject of countless pranks and thefts, some involving violence and vandalism.  When things got out of hand several years ago, Moses decided to take a hiatus.  In 2009, he burst back onto the scene, hoping to restart a beloved Calvin tradition.

For the whole story, check out this Chimes archive article from the year he reappeared: Moses finally returns.  Type “Moses” into the archive search bar for even more past Moses-sighting news.

During today’s action, Moses appeared briefly in the entrance to the track and tennis center on the back of a truck.  His vehicle drove away quickly, and was hotly pursued by several sprinters from the residence halls.  They returned several minutes later, out of breath and unsuccessful.

Exactly which campus group possesses Moses is unknown at this time.

Moses could not be reached for comment.