Boer-Bennink wins Cup of Perspective, ties for sixth


Boer-Bennink (BB) residents claimed the Cup of Perspective in Saturday’s Chaos Day, marking its place as the most sportsmanlike of the games.

“It is really important to win,” said BB freshman Andrew Pruim.  “But even if we don’t win medals, we’ve got spirit!”

The Cup of Perspective goes to a dorm that is not necessarily doing well in the games, but is cheering and having fun.  It can’t be a team that went around stealing mascots from other dorms and the award has never gone to the dorm that wins the event.

BB plans to display their trophy at the front desk, where Lauren DeGroot, BB president, says “everyone feels like they have a piece of it.”

Throughout the day, many participants were out supporting dorms other than their own.  During the final tug-of-war, as Schultze-Eldersveld (SE) faced Bolt-Heyns-Timmer (BHT), cheers erupted from all over the room as other dorms supported the final teams.

Before the final event, residents of SE ran laps around the field proclaiming, “SE loves you!”

“All our residence halls are excellent places,” said John Witte, dean of residence life, before announcing the winners. “No matter who wins, remember to take a drink from the cup of perspective.”

And as she held the cup in her hands after the games ended, DeGroot was satisfied with her dorm’s performance.

“We experienced quite a few challenges,” she said of her team’s sixth place finish.  In the end, “it’s a joy no matter what, but it’s also fun to have some glitter on the side.”