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3-D printing innovation enables molecular-scale printing

Daniel Dick

March 26, 2015

Recently a team at the University of Illinois in Urbana headed by Dr. Michael Burke tested the limits of tiny 3-D printing technology and made a microscopic breakthrough that has enormous implications for the future of 3-D printing. With...

IBM: neural microchip technology

Monica Wood

October 30, 2014

In the years since engineers first began making circuits using transistors (three-terminal devices made of a semi-conducting materials like silicon) the number of transistors on a circuit board has followed what is called Moore’s...

Meijer installs new automatic checkout lanes

Grace Ruiter

April 9, 2014

Meijer Inc. is hoping a new checkout system being tested out at its Jenison location will speed up the checkout process for customers. Installed in the 550 Baldwin St. store on Thursday, April 3, the high tech system automaticall...