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Calvin University's official student newspaper since 1907

Calvin University Chimes

Calvin University's official student newspaper since 1907

Calvin University Chimes

2019-2020 Staff

Lauren DeVries

Lauren DeVries

Lauren DeVries is excited to use the things she’s learned in marketing classes and internships as she takes on the position of Multimedia & Layout Editor this year. This is her third year on Chimes. She is currently in her...

Harm Venhuizen

Harm Venhuizen

Harm Venhuizen is the editor-in-chief of Chimes for the 2021-22 school year. He has previously worked as a staff reporter, religion editor, and managing editor at Chimes, interned at Military Times, and is involved in a variety of e...

Katherine Benedict, Sci-Tech Editor

Katherine Benedict

Katherine Benedict is the Chimes science and technology (sci-tech) editor. She is a sophomore double-majoring in international relations and environmental science with a biology focus. Katherine is also minoring in Writing. Ka...

Lauren Cole, Head Copy Editor

Lauren Cole

Lauren Cole serves as Chimes head copy editor, which makes sense given her plans to go into publishing as an editor and her love for reading, writing, grammar and the Oxford comma. She is a senior majoring in writing and Fren...

McKinley Anderson, Campus & Community Editor

McKinley Anderson

McKinley Anderson serves as one of the campus and community editors at Chimes She is excited to connect students to the happenings around campus and Grand Rapids. McKinley is a senior at Calvin studying sociology and psychology. ...

Garrett Strpko, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Garrett Strpko

Garrett Strpko will act as the arts and entertainment editor for this Chimes this year. He is a senior studying film and philosophy. When not watching a movie in the Bytwerk or rambling about Kierkegaard in the Jellema Room, Gar...

Sophia Morgan, Religion Editor

Sophia Morgan

Religion section editor Sophia Morgan is a junior double-majoring in history and environmental studies. Her academic areas of interest include indigenous people’s history, the trench poets of WWI, and policy surrounding sus...

Ellington Smith, Sports Editor

Ellington Smith

Ellington Smith is the sports editor for Chimes. He is from Detroit, Michigan and is majoring in film and media with minors in journalism and religion. He has always had a passion for sports and believes that they can become an ...

Sam Ballast, Layout Editor

Sam Ballast

Sam Ballast is the layout editor for the Chimes. She is a junior from Grand Rapids majoring in graphic design and minoring in business. Along with writing and design, she enjoys photography and dance. Using her slight caffeine...

Josh Polanski, Managing Editor

Joshua Polanski

Joshua Polanski is a senior studying religion and strategic communication with plans to study at the intersection of religion and culture at the graduate level. In addition to working for Chimes, Joshua also works for the Rhetoric Cent...

Liv Deliyannides

Liv Deliyannides

Opinions editor Liv Deliyannides is in pursuit of a social work masters and spends her free time writing concrete poetry. She grew up in South Bend, Indiana, a place that is now on the map because its Mayor Pete is running for p...

Ethan Stafford

Ethan Stafford

Ethan Stafford will serve as one of the campus and community editors. He is a senior from Pinckney, Michigan, a small town north of Ann Arbor most famous for being the neighbor of Hell, Michigan. He moved to Austria where he li...

Juliana Knot, Editor-in-Chief

Juliana Knot

Juliana Knot is the editor-in-chief of the 2019-2020 Chimes. She has formerly worked as the managing editor and the religion editor of Chimes and is excited for the year ahead with such a talented team. Hailing from the south su...

Grace Swanson, Multimedia Editor

Grace Swanson

Grace Swanson is the Chimes multimedia editor. She is a senior from Ypsilanti, Michigan studying strategic communications and sociology. She is experienced in event planning and social media but has professional interests in audience anal...