NF releases fifth studio album “HOPE,” signifying the hope of change

Michigan-born singer, songwriter and record producer Nathan John Feuerstein, popularly known as NF, released his fifth studio album on April 7.

NF’s new album titled “HOPE,” which is also the title of the first song of the album, signifies a critical turning point in NF’s life to accept change and let go of the things that hold him back, most notably his pride.

The climax of a journey 

The song “HOPE” begins with NF on a journey to find hope, something that he believes he lost at an early stage in life.

In the music video of the song, NF depicts two parts of himself, one in all white — signifying a part of him that wants to change and find hope — and a second that wears all black — depicting a part of him that wants to remain the same.

The song “HOPE” announces a change in the long war between these two traits. The dark NF had always won in the past, but in the last line of the song, NF’s lighter side finally proclaims “I’m taking the reins.”

A rare style of music 

There are a couple of things that set NF’s music apart from other hip-hop artists, such as his unwillingness to curse, the use of more cinematic instrumentals, the infrequency of featuring or being featured by other artists and his apathy towards mainstream media.

“MOTTO” is the second song of the album and describes NF diving into the music industry,  while emphasizing his disinterest in becoming someone that he is not just to gain greater influence within that industry.

“CAREFUL,” the third song on NF’s album, also shows his disinterest in the opinions of those who he does not respect, while still being grateful for his musical career and all the progress in his personal development.

“HAPPY” shows NF’s acknowledgement of his flaws while trying to work on them. These flaws include his feelings of low self-esteem, loneliness and pride. The song follows the primary theme of change in the album. NF admits that he is actually afraid of the type of person that he could become if changed.

“MAMA” shows NF’s progress when it comes to change, as he affirms a major source of a lot of his trauma: his mother. NF’s mother passed away when he was still very young, something that has plagued him throughout his life and affected his relationships with others. However, in “MAMA” NF seems to have confidently let go of any sort of resentment towards his mother, deciding to fully forgive her.

NF breaks from the primary theme of the album with tracks like “PANDEMONIUM,” “SUFFICE,” “TURN MY BACK” and “LET EM PRAY,” delivering on one of his well-known characteristics: the delivery of smart, witty lyrics at an extremely fast pace.

NF also shows his versatility when it comes to music, flawlessly moving from fast-paced rap in “SUFFICE,” where he shows his dedication to perfecting his craft, to “GONE,” where he sings about a failed relationship, then moves to a love song dedicated to his wife in “BULLET,” were he proclaims his love for her by offering to die for her if necessary.

“RUNNING,” is the outro of the album, and it signifies the end of this part of NF’s journey, where he finally lets his darker self go. “It’s time to let my pride go and learn to love myself again,” says NF in “RUNNING.”

Overall, the album is the story of a man trying to change, and it acknowledges the fear and anxiety that comes with that change. “HOPE” offers the message that not only is change possible, but that anyone can achieve it.