Weekday breakfast to move back to Commons


Photo by Emily Thomas

Breakfast will no longer be served at Knollcrest on weekdays.

Breakfast service will return to Commons Dining Hall on weekdays starting Feb. 13. 

Knollcrest initially began providing morning meals during the week for student convenience, according to Todd Kurtz, executive chef for Dining Services. 

“There was definitely a push from students to have it here [at Knollcrest]. The main factor was the location, being close to [the] dorms,” said Kurtz. 

Now, Commons will go back to serving breakfast and lunch during the week, while Knollcrest will serve dinner on the weekdays and all three meals on the weekend, according to Yasmen Wells, marketing coordinator for Dining Services. 

According to Estelle Bean, director of hospitality operations, the change will help people adjust to having only one dining hall in the future. 

“We know that eventually with a new student Commons, there will be one Commons Dining Hall, so it’s just preparing everyone for that change,” said Bean. 

This change will be more beneficial to the staff, so they don’t have to rush from Knollcrest to Commons in 30 minutes for lunch. “We have staff that has to quickly get cleaned up from breakfast and move over, so now being in one facility for breakfast and lunch is going to be beneficial for the team,” said Jennifer Evans, food service director.

Additionally, staff members will no longer be spread so thin, allowing the production of higher-quality service and meals. 

“It puts our resources in one area, which helps us be able to better offer the quality of service that we deliver,” Kurtz said. 

According to Bean, the decision was made jointly by Vice President Sarah Visser and new Chief Financial Officer Dirk Pruis. They also obtained feedback from Jay Wise, director of college housing & operations and John Witte, dean of students. 

Bean is hopeful that this transition will be beneficial.

“It really is just providing another space where people can come together,” said Bean.