Want to pass out candy and be COVID-safe? Here’s some tips!

Out of COVID precautions, Calvin has cancelled Light in the Night, trick or treating at Knollcrest East apartments. For those living off campus, the city of Grand Rapids has posted safety tips for how to serve trick or treaters safely.

First and foremost, don’t hand out candy if you’re sick. 

Make sure to wear a mask that covers your face and nose. A costume mask may look cool, but it won’t prevent the spread of the virus: stick to a cloth mask.

Keep space between you and the trick or treaters. Normally, students could greet the witches, princesses, and superheroes at the doorway, Grand Rapids advises spreading out treats on a disinfected table in order to minimize contact.

Wash your hands often.

If all else fails, a bowl outside your house with a “only take two” sign will ensure social distancing guidelines.