Looking for mental health resources on campus? Here’s where to start.


Ethan Stafford

The Center for Counseling and Wellness can direct students to the care that meets their needs.

Calvin has many options for students struggling with mental health or the regular stresses of college life. Approaching deadlines, finding work after college or simply finding the time to do homework every day are only a few of the many stressors college students face regularly.

At the Center for Counseling and Wellness (CCW) students can find many options for support. The CCW offers free screenings for students and then provides them options best suited to their needs. Therapists can provide individual and confidential counseling for students as well as therapeutic consultations.

In addition to individual sessions, the CCW offers group therapy. Topics range from anxiety and depression to sexuality and gender identity. One group provides support for those dealing with loss, while another focuses on body image. Several groups have different sections and tend to meet weekly or bi-weekly.

The CCW also offers workshops for students looking to learn practical tools to deal with anxiety and depression. These workshops meet in three one-hour sessions and are organized like a class where students can learn quickly in a structured environment.

The Thrive! program is another way in which students can connect with others in a group setting to recharge and support one another. Focused on a different theme each month, this spring’s Thrive! program brings students together every Tuesday, 7-8 p.m. in the basement of Schultze- Eldersveld. Students do activities such as art, meditation or yoga, forming connections and learning from one another.

For students looking for a place to relax, the CCW also provides a wellness room. The wellness room is available by appointment and free of charge, and it’s equipped with tools for stress management and relaxation, including a light box. Light boxes, helpful for those struggling with seasonal depression, are also available to borrow from the CCW.

The Peer Listener Program is another great way to connect with other supportive students. Calvin uses 7 Cups, an online program that connects trained listeners with students seeking support, in addition to a face-to-face program that meets on campus. All sessions are confidential, and listeners can refer students to other resources should they need more thorough treatment or care.

Whether you are going through a rough patch, struggling in a cycle of depression or simply needing the advice and support of your fellow students, Calvin has options for you. These options and others can be found at the CCW’s website.