Editorial: Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

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What comes to your mind when I say that word? Maybe momentary freedom, maybe countless hours at a job, maybe months in a summer camp bubble, unaware of the outside world.

I’m not here to write a sentimental piece about this past school year and life ahead. Read Josh Park’s excellent piece for that — his very last article for Chimes. Instead, I’m going to talk about rhythms of work and rest.

I have written previously about the importance of rest and the importance of mental health (the Center for Counseling and Wellness has been so helpful to me). Sabbath-rest is not laziness, but appropriate self-care in a rhythm between work and rest.

I love summer. I know my anxiety is the worst between October (when I have to talk myself into surviving another Michigan winter) and April (once I can convince myself that summer is coming). I get overly optimistic for warm weather and wear summer clothes much too early in the spring. I drive with my windows down as soon as I can the bear 40-degree wind. In short, I look forward to summer.

Last summer was magical: I met a new group of friends. I worked a job I enjoyed to earn money so I could go back to school in the fall. I watched sunsets, I hung with middle schoolers, I took roadtrips. I wish I could repeat that summer again this year, except more.

Alas, I can’t relive the past. This summer has its own unique challenges and excitements. I am a different person than I was last August. Already, the plans I had for this summer have changed.

Instead of expecting this summer to be something it won’t be, I am trying to go into this summer excited for the opportunities. Because of conversations and things I have learned over these past two semesters, I feel better prepared to live a vibrant life this summer, no matter what happens.

Whether you are counting the days to graduation or planning your classes out for the next six semesters … ; whether you are headed back home or across the globe … ; whether you have lined up an internship, a job at Chick-Fil-a or a reading list … ; no matter what your plans are for this summer, may you embrace it with open hands, ready for whatever blessings it brings you.