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Knights of Calvin: Kyle Post

Photo by Anna Goodrich.

Photo by Anna Goodrich.

Photo by Anna Goodrich.

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Name : Kyle Post
Year : Freshman
Sport : Lacrosse

Major : Business Marketing

Kyle Post is from Hudsonville, Michigan. Post plays defense for Calvin’s Varsity Lacrosse team. He has been playing lacrosse for the past 5 years.

What got you interested in Business Marketing?

“I became interested in Marketing when I was 17. I started making fishing lures in my parents’ garage and selling them to local bait stores. Even though the money was not overwhelming, I enjoyed it.”

What was the most difficult time you have faced as an athlete?

Because lacrosse is a contact sport, it is commonplace for athletes to get injured. Post played 3 seasons of lacrosse before he realized that he had a serious injury. The TFC cartilage in his wrist was free floating and he had to get surgery to reattach it. This was one of the most difficult times in Post’s career as a lacrosse player, and he even considered quitting after hearing that he would not be able to play lacrosse again until mid April.

What motivates you to continue playing?

Through lacrosse, Post was able to form a strong bond with his whole team. This helped him make the transition into freshman year of college. Post says that lacrosse is great because it keeps him in shape and it motivated him to get out of bed. This friendship with his team motivates him to work hard. Not only is he a very competitive person, but Post feels working hard is a duty he must commit to for his team.

“I feel that I have an obligation to my team to prepare and perform to the best of my ability.”

What do you want people to know about lacrosse?

“Many people don’t understand what lacrosse is and there is not a very big following. But a lot of people should come out to watch the games because it’s very fast paced, lots of points are scored, and there are lots of big hits.”

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