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Take care of yourself

It’s the end of the year. That time when everyone is scrambling to put together those assignments they should have gotten finished weeks ago, catching up on anything that’s late, trying to cram a semester’s worth of knowledge into their heads so they can manage to pass their exams and finish the year with passing grades.

It’s a terrifying time, and one when too many people lack sleep or other important necessities.

Well, here’s a reminder. Sit up straight in your chair. Eat, if you haven’t. Get a glass of water. Stop holding it and go to the bathroom. Take your medicine. Don’t be afraid to take a break.

Your homework will, unfortunately, be there when you come back. Everything seems like the end of the world, honestly, especially when you look at the mountain of work you have left and you want to cry. Have cried, maybe, depending on how stressed you find yourself.

This is probably something you’ve heard quite a few times, but it is something to take seriously. It’s way too easy to get wrapped up in pushing yourself to the absolute limit getting all your work done, but it isn’t healthy. Your homework is difficult. You must think, and you need to take care of your mind and body so you can think.

It honestly says nothing good about our education system that every year students are reduced to this. We try to cram in so much knowledge that it sometimes makes us physically ill, and many of us can’t handle the workload set before us. It’s an act, juggling school and work and internships and self-care, and it’s a wonder any of us have social lives.

This is my last semester in college. I have interim, yes, but interim is more of a break than anything else. Once I hand in my last bit of homework, as long as I pass all my classes, I’m done. It’s both a terrifying and exciting experience. I’m looking forward to being done with school so much, but I’m also frightened about the amount of homework I have to complete before then. I’d say I’m worried about the future, but quite frankly? I can’t even begin to think about that right now.

Not with the amount of work I need to finish for tomorrow. I can’t think beyond getting everything done.

I don’t like that we’ve been reduced to this frantic scramble, so many of us, even if this is my last one. It means that we need to change how our schooling system works, so people aren’t trying to get a ten-page paper and a five-page paper done on the same day, on top of going to classes and going to work.

As it is right now, though, we have to endure it. We have to get through this. Finish our work and take our final exams — but please, in the meantime, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Your body needs to be taken care of in this frantic time so that your mind can still work.

Stay safe and healthy this finals week. You’ve got this.

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