Student org spotlight: HR Club


Photo by Katie Grace Ulrich

At some point in your career life, it is inevitable that you will come into contact with a human resources department. And if the only exposure you’ve ever had to human resources has been by watching Michael Scott humiliate Toby Flenderson on “The Office,” chances are there are some gaps in your understanding of the field of human resources.

The HR Club here at Calvin is a group seeking to expose and educate Calvin students about the field of human resources. They hope to show students that learning about HR is valuable for all students, even those who aren’t studying business.

HR Club offers opportunities on campus to learn more about human resources, as well as in the greater west Michigan area. The club is a part of professional HR organizations such as the Grand Rapids Association for HR Management and the Society for HR Management, which connects them with current HR professionals.

For students who have a concentration in human resources, HR Club is a great way for them to go deeper in their studies. Junior Vanessa Jebb joined the club so that she could explore her HR concentration more: “I was excited to develop a tangible connection to my field of interest, other than just through the classroom.”

For senior Nicole Karl, being a part of HR club has allowed her to connect with those who share her same interests and passions. “Being a member and part of the leadership for this club has helped open my eyes to the wide variety of jobs and career paths one can pursue with an HR background,” Karl said.

HR Club hosted a Company Crawl as its kick-off event for the year this past Wednesday. As they walked through Downtown GR, students had the opportunity to hear from HR Collaborative (a group that helps companies learn how to do HR) and Beene Garter (a local accounting firm and tax advisory) to learn from professionals who are working in HR.

Calvin’s very own HR department was also a part of the Company Crawl, giving students the opportunity to learn more about HR in a familiar context.

While one goal of the club is to serve students studying HR, its goal is to reach students outside of HR as well. HR Club hopes to serve the greater Calvin community, because the field of human resources is relevant to anyone seeking a job.

Club president, senior Isabel Marek, said, “In general, many students lack general awareness and understanding of human resources. They don’t know the ins and outs of the field or how it may affect them in the future.”

HR Club hopes to give students exposure now to prepare them for their future interactions with HR departments. By hosting events such as practice interviews and job-seeking help, students can learn practical strategies to prepare them for their careers.

“Our main focus is helping our members prepare to succeed in the professional work environment,” said Karl.

HR Club is open to anyone wanting to know more about how they can succeed in the professional work environment. If you are interested in getting involved with HR Club, you can find it on Facebook as “HR Club – Calvin College” or you can learn more by emailing Marek at [email protected]