Spotlighting student organizations

Perhaps you went to Cokes and Clubs last night and witnessed the wonderful madhouse and monument to student involvement that are Calvin’s student organizations (affectionately called “student orgs”). There are more than 70 student organizations at Calvin. Each week throughout the year, this Campus News page of Chimes will spotlight one of those organizations. We will name the organization, talk about its purpose, highlight its leadership and describe how you can get involved. This week: What constitutes the mission and requirements for a student organization?

According to the Calvin College website, each organization is required to “reflect the educational mission of Calvin College and provide benefit to Calvin students and campus as a whole.” Each organization is required to have at least 12 active members and must be welcoming to all interested students. Each group must also “record and report its operations and activities on a regular basis to the coordinator of student organizations and Student Life Committee (SLC) through self-evaluations and interaction with the campus involvement and leadership office.” That coordinator is Jesús Delgado, who works in Commons Annex among the campus leadership and involvement offices. Finally, each organization must “plan, promote and execute at least one event per year, open to the whole campus.” More information can be found by reaching out to Jesús or exploring the student organization section of Calvin’s website.