Student Organization Spotlight: Chimes


Photo credit Anna Delph

In a risk of appearing vain, Chimes is featuring itself as the student organization spotlight of this week. What do we do? This paper. How often do we do it? Every week. Who are we? A rag-tag group of students who enjoy good hearty dialogue, cookies, and, dare I say, puns.

Chimes is an organism of workers made up of photographers, writers, marketers, designers and philosophers, who are rallied around the production of campus news.

Chimes has connected me to the campus more than any other organization or dorm, even as a writer. Because it’s so easy to be involved in, it becomes so much more than just the writing or the editors. It becomes about your coworkers, your classmates — the people you get to build relationships with and work with that you wouldn’t know otherwise,” said sports editor Mark Peless.

“You also get to do awesome things on campus that you wouldn’t know about otherwise,” said Peless. “Even though my friends make fun of it, it is my single most proud accomplishment.”

Editor in chief Anna Delph finds the experience she has gained through Chimes invaluable.

“Being on Chimes is probably the single most powerful thing I have on my resume. Professionally, I think it’s been a more valuable experience to me than even school itself.. And from what I’m hearing in my job interviews, that seems to be true.”

She wants people to know that anyone can be involved with their own time. Delph started as a freelance photographer, then photo editor, then features editor before being editor in chief.

“I think people often overestimate the time commitment for Chimes. You can be a Chimes editor with just one to three hours a week,” Delph said. “We’re working on doing a better job of publicizing that.”

“Working for Chimes has been an extremely rewarding experience,” said the online editor. “I get to be a part of a major avenue of dialogue in the Calvin community. Every week, I pour my thoughts and time into this production and every week there is a tangible paper that comes from it.”

Science and Technology editor Michael Messina summarized his experience with Chimes in one phrase: “It’s dope AF.”