Student Organization Spotlight: Calvin Rugby


Photo courtesy Women’s Rugby team

“There is a sense of camaraderie found in rugby that I haven’t found in any other sport,” said sophomore Emily Hasper.

One of the distinctive characteristics of men’s and women’s rugby at Calvin is the companionship and all-inclusiveness within the teams. Calvin’s rugby teams were created in 2007, and since they have competed as Division III teams. Both men’s and women’s rugby play their main seasons in the fall and spend the spring playing recreational games.

This past fall, the men’s rugby team had one of their best seasons. In the Great Lakes Conference, they won their semifinal game 50-14. After a tough loss of 20-8 in the final, they finished second in the conference.

Originating in England, rugby is a combination of football and soccer that’s played with non-stop plays. Players run down the field kicking and passing the ball in pursuit of a try, which is similar to a touchdown in football.

While some rugby players at Calvin come in with experience, no experience is required to be a part of the team. All are welcome to join and learn the game as they go.

The rugby teams hope to have a group that everyone feels like they can be a part of .“You will not find an crazier bunch of people on Calvin’s campus than us. It is the only environment where a 300 pound senior engineer and a 150 pound film major can come to call each other brothers,” explains Colin O’Brien, captain of the men’s rugby team.

“On and off the field we are a team that is bonded together by a mutual love of a sport.,” he continued. “We are small but determined group of individual that are here to live, laugh, grow and play some rugby.”

To learn more about the teams, you can find “Calvin Women’s Rugby” or “Calvin Men’s Rugby” on Facebook, or you can contact [email protected]