Student Organization Spotlight: Friday Night Soccer

Soccer is a sport that is widely known around the world and widely loved at Calvin College. Going into college, a struggle many students often face is the decision of whether to play a sport at the collegiate level or to give up on a hobby they have devoted so much time to. Calvin College’s Friday Night Soccer club is a way to give students a place to play a sport they love at a competitive level without the commitment of a full-time collegiate athlete.

Katie Cook, a student who played soccer at Calvin her freshman year, enjoys participating in Friday Night Soccer whenever she has the chance. “Soccer on a Friday night is the perfect way to relieve the pressures of a week and to enjoy competitive play with people who enjoy the same sport I do,” said Cook. “Friday night soccer allows me to meet new people and keep developing my skills without the time commitment of a full-time team.”

Professor Jong-II Kim, who is also the assistant coach for the women’s soccer team, is the head of this club. The mission of the club is “to provide a space for students to meet and play with other students who want to play pick-up soccer on Friday nights.” This mission is carried out through their weekly Friday night events in the Indoor Track and Field Center, but can also be seen through the occasional tournaments they host to involve more of the student body.

“All levels of athletes are encouraged to participate in the Friday night events,” said Cook. “The level of play is definitely competitive, but friendship comes first and foremost in this club. It was a great way for me to make new friends in my years at Calvin. Soccer is a sport that is known and loved in many places in the world and this club gives the opportunity to meet those people and find a common passion and interest.”

If you are ever looking for something to do on a Friday night to meet new people or to participate in with a group of friends, I highly recommend stopping by the Indoor Track and Field. Contact Professor Kim ([email protected]) for more details on upcoming events.