Letter to the Editor: Undertale is a game of choices

Chimes File Photo

Chimes File Photo

Dear Editor,

I recently read the March 4 article about the video game “Undertale.” I found it disconcerting how the main point of the game was missed. “Undertale” is a game all about the choices you make. No where does the game emphasize a “Pacifist-Style Playthrough.” While it is one of the more present playthroughs, the game never says, “This is the way you should be playing.” This game is based around the idea of playing a game and making your own choice on what you do. The first time playing “Undertale” is meant to be a blind experience. “Undertale” is best experienced by not knowing anything about it when you first play it.

This brings me to the final issue with this article. In the article, it states that, “The only real way to win the game is to kill absolutely no one.” This is outright false. While killing no one is the fan favorite ending, it is far from the only way to win the game. In a game based on choices, it would be impossible for one ending to be the only way to truly win. Each ending has its own merits. Saying that there is only one way to win this game is a discredit to the work that Toby Fox put so much work into.

Chris Huizenga, ‘19