Student senate appoints Laura Steele as vice president of administration


Photo Courtesy Laura Steele

On Wednesday, student senate announced on their Facebook that they have appointed a new vice president of administration to serve for the remainder of the spring semester.

Junior Laura Steele, a strategic communication major, will step into office and join the three pre-existing vice presidents in their “shared leadership” structure developed after the stepping down of the student body president earlier this month.

Steele has been a member of senate since her freshman year, serving in the role of senator. After a positive experience, she decided to return the following year and was elected to serve as a team leader. In that position she oversaw four senators on a group project. When she was hired in the spring of 2015 as an orientation intern and also picked up a job with NiteLife, Steele decided not to join senate again; however, after senate approached her about the possibility of being a vice president, she accepted. She expressed how, even though this appointment was unforeseen, she appreciates being a part of a determined team.

“This team of senators is truly fantastic,” said Steele. “Over the last couple weeks I have genuinely been inspired by their craving to be molded, learn and pour out their gifts. Everyone on this team is passionate, and I am so excited to work with that drive.”

With the resignation of the student body president, Ethan DeVries, at the beginning of second semester, senate worked together to designate responsibilities and create a leadership model to continue their work with as little delay as possible. With the addition of Steele, senate will be split into four teams, each headed by a vice president who is in charge of various projects and initiatives. With a goal in mind, Steele hopes to continue successful work while in office.

“My goal is to motivate the group back to their full potential because they are just fantastic, and their passion and drive needs to be poured into the student body to continue to leave our generation’s footsteps at Calvin at this exciting part of Calvin’s history,” said Steele.

To support her future objectives Steele has her previous experience to build on. Last year, she oversaw the renovation of the library lobby from brainstorming the floorplans to witnessing the beautiful and usable finished product, according to Steele. It has served as a reminder to her that students can make an impact. The opportunities senate has given Steele have helped develop her own passions.

“Student senate revealed the creativity and discipline that was itching inside of me, wanting to be funneled into something tangible,” said Steele. “I saw this position as a way to serve God through serving his people with the gifts and drive that he gave to me.”

Steele is honored that the cabinet approached her and she is excited to be serving the student body during this semester, her last one. She looks forward to being a part of the community and responsibility that has been opened up to her through Student Life in the past.