Calvin bible studies study “All the Places to Go…How Will you Know?” by John Ortberg

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College is a time many individuals not only question what opportunities to take or reject, but sometimes overlook the chances God gives to be fruitful and prosperous. John Ortberg’s book “All the Places to Go … How Will You Know?” opens eyes to recognizing the doors God puts before us and how to take the leap of faith in walking through them.

Calvin’s six-session campus-wide Bible study will be based off this book and is a perfect time to set aside the worries of the future and peer into the doors God is holding open. In the beginning weeks of second semester, this topic will be covered at LOFT on Sundays at 8 p.m., as well as in small groups led by members of the Calvin community.

The study kicked off on Monday, Feb. 1, but all are encouraged to engage in the life-giving topic at any time. The small group activities may include viewing weekly videos, reading Ortberg’s novel, working through study guides and discussion, but they are not limited to this. Leaders have the chance to adjust the group to fit its members.

Psychology professor and small group leader Julie Yonker stated, “It seemed to me that Ortberg was speaking directly into numerous conversations I have had with students concerning how to figure out God’s direction in their lives.” Yonker went on to mention that the learning that derived from the study in the first week was not solely from Ortberg, but instead, the discussion that came about regarding the topic.

“This study offers [students] both questions and some answers and an opportunity to realize that many of their questions are also concerns for others.  The group may have some good answers to those questions, but the group may also raise some more intriguing questions,” Yonker added.

“All the Places to Go … How Will You Know?” is not a required material to take part in this communal study, but the leader of first Veenstra’s group, Hannah Beil, stated, “I highly recommend reading the book, but it’s not required to come to Bible study; the lessons that come from this story are so applicable to all of our lives, and I think everyone could get something out of Bible study that would help them journey through life with God’s will in their hearts.”

“I highly recommend connecting with a group,” Yonker agreed.