Second Cokes and Clubs designed for transfer students

This past Wednesday, students gathered in the Hoogenboom gym for Cokes and Clubs “Round 2.”  Roughly 60 student-led clubs, sports and other organizations made an appearance. Free Cokes, candy and other goodies were available for students as they wandered through the variety of tables.

Although holding a second-semester Cokes and Clubs isn’t unprecedented, this was the first time it has occurred in recent years.

Participants and student organization leaders had varied thoughts on the value of having a second Cokes and Clubs.

Sophomore Juliana Stremler shared her thoughts about the event as a participant, saying she had “a much stronger desire to go to [Cokes and Clubs “Round 2”] because Calvin is a Pepsi campus and I love Coke. Also, it gets more people aware, but I don’t think it necessarily gets them more involved. The student has to make the decision to get involved.”

Junior Claudia Peterson, one of the student leaders of the Gender Equality Now Club, had similar thoughts. “Cokes and Clubs is a really great way for students to find out about organizations, but I don’t necessarily think we need it,” she said.

In contrast, junior Laura VanWinkle of the Outdoor Recreation Adventure Club commented, “I think I like it. It’s given us a chance to re-pitch our ideas because we’ve updated and refined what we do.”

“It’s nice to remind people we exist,” said senior Kent McRuer of Calvin Improv.

Senior Adam Doorn, a member of Calvin Ultimate, said that the second round of Cokes and Clubs would not necessarily increase student involvement in their club.

“For clubs like sports it’s not as necessary because payment is closed,” said senior Calvin Ultimate member Aaron Doorn, but he also mentioned the event could be more useful for transfer students and students returning from semesters abroad.

“It’s more of a social event, beyond just the Cokes,” said first-year student Ethan Nobles, a member of the men’s rugby team. “They might bring people in, but that’s not what really keeps people there.”