Student Organization Spotlight: Student Video Productions

Student Video Productions (SVP) is an organization dedicated to the video arts. One goal of SVP is to be a club where people with similar interests can come together and make videos and collaborate with one another. In the past, SVP has made videos for other student clubs, teasers for Dance Guild and projects with professors.

According to Karyn Ostrem, a senior film major and co-leader of the group, SVP has seen a lot of growth this semester — they’ve expanded from around four members in previous years to more than 10 members this year. Though the group focuses on film, the group is comprised of a more diverse cohort of students than just film majors; in addition to film students, there are also members with no prior film experience at all. Through participation in the club, those students have learned from SVP and been a part of the film production process.

Another unique aspect of SVP is the Film Festivals, which they put on twice a semester. SVP sends out prompts to the student body, and students compete to create the most creative and artistic film. Prompts can include anything from a specific genre, prop, line of dialogue or even a time limit. The winners are awarded cash prizes.

The latest film festival took place this past week and challenged participants to create a film shorter than 60 seconds. The winner this year was a film titled “Shotgun” directed by David Noa, which can be viewed on their Vimeo channel.

The next film festival will be in late February, so students should anticipate announcements during Interim.

Ostrem added that SVP has given her the unique opportunity to have a window into other people’s lives.

“Whether [we] are making a film for a professor, a club or their own interests, [we] are able to observe and capture another person’s experience or interests, and that is something very exciting,” said Ostrem. “Film people are really fun and great to hang out with. So check it out even if you aren’t a film student; all are welcome.”

To watch some of the videos, visit:

For more information and access to videos, visit their Facebook page.