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Pop Music Guild to support student musicians

Photo by Jeremy Smith.

“As the director of the Student Activities Office, it is disappointing to bring in great acts and not have student bands flourish,” Ken Heffner said, explaining the Pop Music Guild: “Maybe this is the missing piece.”

Though there have been some bands and performers who have started at Calvin, the proportion is smaller than many would think. In response to the desire for a new emphasis on this area of music at Calvin, the music department and SAO have come together in support of the Pop Music Guild.

Heffner says this project was “a long time coming,” and it came together with the support of student senate and the Calvin Arts Council that formed last year. The Guild will provide rehearsal space for bands, as well as solo acts and those who are in search of a band.

The practice space will be in the Surge building, complete with lockers and a drum kit, but the Guild will include more than that. Members will attend monthly meetings, in which there will be performances, feedback and mentoring sessions with Heffner and David Fuentes of the music department.

It will also provide opportunities for recording and performing at Calvin events, including the Cave Cafe and Calvin’s Got Talent.

The website describes those who might be good candidates for the program:

“This program is designed to help develop emerging student musicians and bands by providing them with mentoring, rehearsal space and avenues for collaboration, opportunities for live performance and assistance toward making a studio recording. This program is designed for artists who demonstrate commitment to music making and may even aspire to a career in popular music.”

To be a part of this project, applications are available online. They will be available all summer and into the beginning of the fall semester, but Heffner says that applications will close shortly after Cokes and Clubs. “We want to get rolling by late September, but we are hoping it’s attractive to incoming students,” Heffner said.

Not all of those who apply to the Pop Music Guild will be accepted. There is limited space, and Heffner says that as of Monday there were 12 applicants. The organizers are optimistic about the potential of this project, but because space is limited, those who are interested should apply soon.

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