“The ‘The Late Late Show’ with James Corden brings fresh elements to the talk show scene

While staying up until 12:30 a.m. does not sound ideal, talk show host James Corden is giving you a reason to do so. There have been many shifts in the nightly talk show line up over the last few years.

Noticeable changes include Jimmy Fallon in the “Tonight Show,” David Letterman retiring this month and Jon Stewart announcing his retirement.

But the biggest change to keep an eye on now is the recent departure of Craig Ferguson from “The Late Late Show” on CBS, and his recent replacement, James Corden.

Corden is an actor most recently known for his role as the Baker in last winter’s “Into The Woods.” As of this past March, he is the new host of CBS’s “Late Late Show,” the show taking place directly after Letterman (who will also be replaced this September by Stephen Colbert).

Former host, Craig Ferguson made the show his own with his out-of-the-box sketches and odd-looking animatronic skeleton named Geoff. Now, it would seem Corden is doing the same with his version of the show.

Even from the first look at the set it is clear the producers want to separate themselves from competitors in the talk show industry. The set includes an in-house bar at the side and a walkway for the celebrity guest to walk down while fans greet them.

Hollywood A-listers Tom Hanks and Mila Kunis were the first to appear on Corden’s show, and they even came out for an interview at the same time. This is another interesting shift compared to what you would see on the likes of Conan or Jimmy Kimmel.

In his interviews, Corden comes across as a natural and likable showman. He plays the banter of his guests like a pro and can naturally find the hilarity in even the most basic of conversations.

With his many talents of being a stage and screen actor as well as a musician, I hope to see him bring out some more theatrics and personality as he continues with this show.

From videos of “Willy Wonka” parodies to running through Tom Hank’s long filmography of movies, he isn’t afraid to be silly, but he has the ability to bring it back and be a class act as well.

I believe James Corden is only scratching the surface with where he can bring this show. Even after two short months, he has proven to belong in the big leagues. Watch “The Late Late Show,” weeknights at 12:30 a.m. on CBS.