DeVries and Darmawan win student senate executive team race

Ethan DeVries and Andrew Darmawan have won this year’s student senate executive team race with 41 percent of the vote (622 votes). Nearly 40 percent of the student body voted in this year’s elections.

“Andrew and I, along with our campaign team, would like to extend our appreciation and thanks for electing us as the next student body president and vice president,” said future student body president Ethan DeVries.

“After having the privilege of talking with students this week, I have seen the passions that are within the student body,” DeVries added. “I am excited to partner with students and watch these passion flourish our community and campus culture.”

DeVries’s running mate and future executive vice president, Andrew Darmawan, looked forward to embracing this opportunity.

“Thank you for giving me the chance to serve the student body in this capacity,” said Darmawan. “I would like to reiterate [current senate] President Eigege’s statement in saying that this was one of the most dynamic and exciting elections we’ve had in recent years. It’s always good to see the student body head in the direction of more public participation and activism on campus.”

DeVries is a sophomore from Wyoming, MI and Darmawan is a sophomore from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Coming in second behind the winning team was Jerry Grieser and Karis Kim with 35 percent (536 votes) followed by Ian Krug and Kimberly Louwsma with 24 percent (357 votes).

A total of 1,515 students voted in the executive team race and 1,550 students submitted their ballot for the overall election.

In the cabinet election, all three candidates received the 500 needed votes to join the student senate cabinet team. Mallika David received the most votes (1169) followed by Dicta Arthur (1089) and Abuoma Nwadike (988).

All six candidates in the senator elections also received the minimal required number of votes to become a student senator. Andrew Oppong received 1005 votes, Ofiliojo Ichaba received 971 votes, Jose Nietes received 894 votes, Gladys Ovalle received 866 votes, Kristin Strydhorst received 849 votes and Hallie Litt received 837 votes.

Candidates were informed of the decision around 2 p.m. and had until 4 p.m. to accept the position.