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Campaign week sets stage for student senate elections

Photo courtesy student senate

Next Monday at midnight marks the start of campaign week where students running for student senate begin a week-long effort to persuade the student body to elect them into office.

Candidates will be competing for 11 positions consisting of one executive team of two, three cabinet positions and six student senators.

The identity of the candidates will be officially announced with the start of the campaign week at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday as potential candidates will then be permitted to have their Facebook groups, posters and social media posts go live.

For student body president Jona Eigege, the goal of this year’s campaign week is to build awareness among students.

“What I would like to see during campaign week is students to actually probe the candidates, so ask them questions,” said Eigege. “I think there has sometimes been a breakdown between students communicating what they want in senate. I want students to think about what they want and see which candidates offer that.”

Eigege hopes that campaign week will build a platform for students to make informed decisions behind their chosen votes.

“I want the decisions to not be about who gives the best food but who matches most with what senate actually does,” said Eigege. “Especially for those students who think senate isn’t achieving what it should be achieving. I’d like them to listen to the candidates and vote for the people who would make senate do what they think senate should be doing.”

This year’s event will also anticipate further collaboration between candidates and their fellow students.

“I’d like to see candidates own the experience and I’d like to see more student involvement in campaigning,” said Eigege. “So I’d like to see people have campaign teams and I’d like to see people advocate on behalf of people they believe in.”

Other highlights of campaign week are both the student senate debate and the town hall with President Le Roy.

The debate will feature executive teams outlining their vision for senate in addition to answering questions from students. This year’s event will take place in the CFAC Recital Hall on Wednesday, April 22.

Following the debate, student senate will host a leadership themed town hall with President Le Roy on Thursday, April 23, at 7 p.m. in the Fish House.

Eigege explained that since President Le Roy works closely with the student body president, it will give a chance for students to see what he’s looking for in that individual.

“Hopefully this will be a chance for students who are at the debate to see the synergies that exist between what the president is going to try to do next year and what the candidates are trying to do,” said Eigege.

Student senate also anticipates that a discussion with President Le Roy will get students to engage candidates in conversation on how their vision would fit with the president’s

One change from last year’s campaign week is the date of the debate which typically has taken place at the end of the week.

“We moved it up a bit so candidates can be introduced to the student body earlier, and the platforms that they present at the debate can be further probed,” said Eigege.

Official polls will open at noon on Tuesday, April 28, and will close on Thursday, April 30, at noon.

If students have any questions about elections and ways they can be involved they should contact representatives from student senate.

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