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Student org hosts annual Spring Missions Fair
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For the third year in a row, the student organization Voice for Missions has successfully implemented the Spring Missions Fair.

The fair is an expression of the student org’s overall mission to raise awareness and passion among the Calvin student body for Christian missionary work.

In the past, the event showcased a one-day event that included a variety of booths providing information on missionary causes and organizations.

This year, Voice for Missions expanded the affair over two days and hosted speakers from a variety of vocationally-focused and globally-affiliated organizations.

Among the globally-affiliated organizations, one partnered to make a great number of expansions possible: the Nagel Institute. Nagel’s mission takes voice for missions a step further as they aim to promote, provote and, naturally, partner.

Among their contributions, the Nagel Institute hosted a panel discussion pushing a conversation on the United States being a destination for missionary ventures.

This perspective brought new components to the overall missions conversation. It also aides the vision of Voice for Mission’s student leader, Jennifer Kuiper.

“Everyone can be involved in missions in some way. Missions is not for a few but rather a way of living the gospel message that all are invited into.” says Kuiper.

Kuiper believes the best way of encouraging a consciousness is through the increased accessibility of information about missions.

“We hosted the Spring Missions Organizations Fair at Calvin so that Calvin students could see what God is doing in the world and get involved.” said Kuiper.

With fifteen missions organizations represented at the fair on Wednesday and Thursday, the student org members experienced significant satisfaction through this approach.

The list of organizations represented ranged from World Renew showcasing community development opportunities, Wycliffe with translating opportunities, Mercy Ships, with mobile health services and various others beyond.

Alongside the booths, speakers presented on issues that represent our global community; topics included urban ministry, international development, medical missions and Muslim population engagement.

Students had the chance to personally interact with organizations that were embodying the mission of Christ. This opportunity proved to be unique not only due to information but due to the fact that every event was free to students.

Having the ability to provide the information and experience for free allowed voice for missions to keep their focus on promoting passion with the greatest degree of accessibility.

As the members of Voice for Missions come off their recent events, they are looking forward to more opportunities to influence students in their future.

Kuiper shared that their team is currently teaming up with some other student orgs in order to orchestrate attendance at URBANA 2015, a five-day, student-focused missions conference in December.

Keep up with voice for missions by searching their org’s name on Facebook.

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