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ReigKnight helps vary students’ worship experience

Photo Credit Mikaela Mannes

Like international worship night, ReigKnight offers a collection of worship practices that many students can enjoy.

For those who don’t know, ReigKnight is a worship service held twice a month in the Covenant Fine Arts Center Recital Hall that provides an extended time of worship for those who appreciate more time for prayer and song in a worship setting.

While worship services like chapel and LOFT are typically more structured in their style, ReigKnight subscribes to a more charismatic approach. The services, led by Calvin students, heavily emphasize songs and prayers by playing multiple worship songs, as well as mixing in times of prayer between the songs. There are times for both individual and communal prayers in which worshipers are invited to pray alone or with others. Sometimes there is time reserved for a liturgical dance also led by the students.

For Calvin’s new students, ReigKnight has proved to be an exciting opportunity to expand their worship experiences here on campus.

First-year student Chalondra Jefferson has taken advantage of the opportunities presented by ReigKnight by participating in the liturgical dance team.

“ReigKnight is helpful because it makes me be a part of the worship culture here on campus,” she said. “My faith life is stronger because it is not only for the Lord but shows my commitment to worship.”

ReigKnight also has value for its differences from chapel and LOFT. Associate chaplain for worship Paul Ryan believes that the difference between ReigKnight and chapel and LOFT benefits worship on campus.

“Chapel is 20 minutes long and [LOFT] comes at the end a weekend,” Ryan remarked, “and [they] are institutions in the sense that they are an outward face of Calvin.”

In addition to there being value in separation from conventional worship on campus, Ryan calls attention to the value in students doing something for themselves.

“ReigKnight provides an important sphere, a place for students to feel at home with their style of worship, which is important because students love to do their own thing and initiate programs and do them themselves,” he said.

This is in contrast to the structure of chapel and LOFT, during which there is a more prevalent presence of faculty involvement. Like its worship style, the more relaxed structure of ReigKnight allows for a more flexible student-representative environment.

Those seeking an extended time of charismatic worship outside of chapel and LOFT may want to consider getting involved in or attending ReigKnight.

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