Fabulous $500 game show comes to Calvin this Saturday


Jovianus Hartopo

Photo courtesy calvin.edu

On Saturday, March 15, Calvin welcomes The Fabled, Fabulous, Funny, Fast, Factual, $500 Game Show as a part of the Student Development Office (SDO) and Weekend Programming’s weekly NiteLife activities.

This is the second time such an event has been hosted on campus, and Lauren DeGroot, a Weekend Programming Intern, is enthusiastic to have the opportunity to welcome this national traveling game to Calvin once again.

“The game show is presented on colleges around the country by TJohnE Productions,” DeGroot said. “It is a show that engages the audience, encourages teamwork and features fast-paced pop culture trivia, dance-offs and prize giveaways.

“The interactive nature of the game show allows everyone to participate, since each group’s answers to trivia questions are submitted via remotes. Trivia questions include topics such as sports, music, movies, celebrities, entertainment, art, science, math, geography and history.”

TJohnE Production’s website elaborates further on the cooperative and inclusive nature of this program, which has appeared at NYU, Harvard, MIT, Princeton and Columbia Universities in recent years.

“The program’s immense success is due to the concept of wirelessly connecting an entire audience to the game,” the website states, “and basically making all those attending into contestants in our totally interactive game. ThinkFast can be played individually, or in teams.”

Not only does the game show promise to engage the campus interactively at the Covenant Fine Arts Center’s Recital Hall on Saturday evening, but NiteLife also announced that a wide variety of prizes will be offered to participants in the event.

Winners will receive a combined total of over $600 in assorted awards. These vary widely from gift cards to free tickets to Calvin concerts and Buck Fridays gear.

The top prize offered at the event is $500 in cash, which will go to one lucky winner.

DeGroot hopes the Fabled, Fabulous, Funny, Fast, Factual, $500 Game Show proves to be an exciting and new experience for students.

“It is indeed an interactive, team-oriented, factual, energy-filled opportunity,” she said. “We think the game show will live up to its name this Saturday night!”

Students can join in the festivity in the Recital Hall alone, or with a team of up to four other students. Tickets are $2. Doors open at 7:30 p.m., the first round will begin at 8:00 p.m. and the second at 9:15 p.m.