Seniors celebrate their final 100 days of school


The graduating class of 2014 was able to celebrate Valentine’s Day by attending the 100 Days party hosted by Knights4Life (K4L).

The event was named 100 Days because it took place on Feb. 24, exactly 100 days before graduation, which happens on May 24 this year.

Laura Diemer was one of approximately 150 to 200 seniors who attended the gathering at the Chapel undercroft on Friday afternoon.

“It was pretty enjoyable and it didn’t take up too much time, so [the organizers] spent their time well,” said Diemer.

“It was just a little gathering getting us into the Calvin mindset of [being an] alumni,” she said. “It just kind of introduced us to the alumni fund and being able to donate to that. The president of the alumni association spoke along with different people who were associated with it.”

The event included food, a brownie bar, an appearance by the Calvin Improv team and five drawings of $100 each. K4L T-shirt were also given out.

Diemer shared her thoughts on 100 Days from the perspective of leaving Calvin.

“It makes it seem like [graduation] is really close,” Diemer said. “My time at Calvin seems to have gone by so fast and I can’t believe it is only 100 days till graduation which seems crazy. I’m excited for certain aspects of leaving, but there are also certain things at Calvin that I’m going to really miss.”

Senior Henry Higby was also present at the party and described the performance of Calvin Improv.

“The Improv put on little skits going through our life. They were starting as elementary [students], then going through middle school and high school and then ended with college,” said Higby.

Higby said that he went to the celebration without knowing what would happen there.

“I thought it would be kind of like ‘Congratulations, you’re all seniors! It’s been nice having you, this is what we’re going to be doing at graduation and these are the dates you’ve got to look for’ — somewhat of a celebration and somewhat of an info session on what’s going to be happening.”

“We were only there for an hour and a half,” Higby added.

Higby also described how he and the seniors took a “semi-serious” pledge.

“We all got knighted. We all did a little ‘Raise your hand, I will support Calvin, I will recommend Calvin to every prospective college student, I will attend at least one Calvin-Hope Rivalry game every year.”