Le Roy’s cabinet recommends considering outsourcing Calvin’s campus store


Photo courtesy calvin.edu.

Calvin’s campus store might soon be outsourced to an outside company, according to the recent prioritization report.

While the book store is currently operated internally by the college, the cabinet recommended considering outsourcing, primarily due to the anticipated economic benefits. The increased revenue projections are based on statistics from institutions similar to Calvin.

“Currently, the Calvin College campus store is owned by Calvin and all net proceeds are returned to the college,” the report read. “Over the past four years, the bookstore has netted between $14,500 and $82,000.

“Many similar institutions have outsourced the bookstore function to companies specializing in educational materials and found that they yield significantly more net revenue. The college estimates that such a decision would conservatively net $250,000 per year based on peer comparable estimates.”

The report states that the college will conduct a request for proposal process “to determine the feasibility of contracting the bookstore to an outside service provider.”

If the outsourcing idea is deemed advantageous, the college will then search for a provider who will abide by Calvin’s conditions.

The provider must be “willing to offer services in alignment with the Calvin mission, offering to hire the college’s current employees and meeting our net revenue expectations.”

The report’s deadline for the completion of the outsourcing process is June 30, 2015.