Teen singer Lorde impresses with her unique debut

Needless to say, it has been a good year for female artists in the music industry so far.

16-year-old, New Zealand native Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, better known as Lorde, sings of her goals in the music industry in her song “Still Sane.”

In the song, Lorde sings that she’s “little but [she’s] coming for the crown,” and “coming for the title.” So far, judging by her debut album, “Pure Heroine,” there is no doubt that this teenager is definitely heading in the right direction in order to be big in the music industry.

“Pure Heroine” was released by Universal Music on Sept. 27 and is quickly climbing up the billboard. This album followed Lorde’s EP “Love Club,” which she released a year ago.

Right off the bat, one can call this album unique. Not only is the artist merely 16 years old, but the album is filled with songs that are different than the pop songs we’re all used to. The messages in these songs range from growing up too quickly, evident in her song “Ribs,” to how ridiculous society seems nowadays.

As she sings in her radio hit “Royals,” (which, incidentally, passed Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry in Billboard’s Hot 100) there are still people who aren’t affected by modern society because it “don’t run in [their] blood” and they, therefore, “crave a different buzz.”

The songs in this album reflect several opinions that many of this generation can agree (or disagree) with. Several lyrics like “I’m kind of over getting told to put my hands up in the air” in her song “Team” may relate to people who are tired of songs that sound similar and say the same thing.

Additionally, she has lyrics that reflect how much hard work it takes to get to a certain goal, evident in her song “Glory and Gore” where she sings, “glory and gore go hand in hand.” Lorde, in a way, voices the generation’s thoughts through her lyrics, which she couples with catchy melodies.

Not only are the melodies catchy, but they are also quite addicting. I like to describe them in this way: some songs are the kind that you would secretly dance to in your room, while other songs are chill enough that you can study or do homework to without getting too distracted.

Additionally, her voice has a sort of lightness to it in how it almost sounds dream-like. Some may compare her voice to Lana Del Rey’s, and, while their voices are slightly similar in some songs, Lorde’s definitely has a different twist.

With all this uniqueness — her age and her lyrical talent — it isn’t too surprising that she is, indeed, reaching that crown, perhaps, a bit faster than she would have thought.

If Lorde keeps surprising her audiences, there is no doubt that she will stay at the top for a long time.