Cave Cafe promotes student bands on campus


File photo.

Two bands, Care and Krill, performed in the Fish House last Tuesday to an audience of 20-30 people.

Their performance is part of an effort made by student organization Cave Cafe to promote a music culture among Calvin students and, more specifically, student bands.

“The purpose of the Cave Cafe is to create a music scene at Calvin,” said Priscilla Lin in a leadership meeting on Sept. 27. She added her opinion that the music scene at Calvin is lacking.

Many students said they do not know of any student bands and they had never heard of the Cave Cafe. The purpose of the organization is to change this environment.

“Sometimes I hear them down there,” Megan VanderHulst said about student bands. She added she had heard of the Cave Cafe, but did not know much about their aim and events.

“Not many student bands exist on campus,” James Alan, Care and Krill concert attendee, said.

“Krill has catchy pop rock; pretty cool dudes. Care, well they’re different. Always put on a good show,” Alan said.

Cave Cafe tries to create a music scene at Calvin College by creating an accepting atmosphere where student bands can perform with an audience and equipment.

The Cave Cafe has performed this function with performances made by Summer Dust, Care and Bennett.

The leadership of the Cave Cafe hopes to further this goal this semester by booking more student bands.

The Cave Cafe generally happens on Thursdays at 8 p.m.