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‘Brooklyn’ a great mix of comedy and action

What do you get when you cross “Parks & Recreation” and “NCIS”? Fox’s newest and brightest comedy, called “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

This show follows a diverse group of characters working at a police department in Brooklyn, who know how to have fun in the office, while still taking their duties as police officers very seriously as they investigate crime scenes and chase criminals.

While NBC has always been known as the network of “smart” and satirical comedy, Fox has really stepped up their game over the past couple years to match that. Now, with the “Nine-Nine” on their side, they have the power to surpass NBC.

The beauty of this pilot is that it introduces us to every character and the world around them without making it feel forced. Within the first 10 minutes, I felt as though I’d known these characters for a long time, while still getting the sense that they are fresh. Andy Samberg (“SNL”) plays Detective Jake Peralta.

We are told he is the best in the unit but has yet to grow up or grasp the concept of “serious.” But we don’t want Jake to grow up. The fact that he cracks jokes and brings hilarious physical antics to the department is what makes this show different from all the rest.

Other familiar faces, including Terry Crews and Andre Braugher, keep the plot grounded while adding their own brand of humor. Each character has a different personality and an important role to play in the contrast of the cast, and I can see each one growing over time to have quotes recited by fans for years to come.

In order for an ensemble like this to work and stay alive in the vast network pool of shows, it has to have great chemistry. Judging by what I saw here, the chemistry is very rich.

“Nine-Nine” also seems to grasp the idea of something I’ve wanted to see in a television show for a long time: the perfect blend between comedy and action. Normally, producers only want to do one genre or the other. You either have a show that’s a strict comedy, or one that focuses on the action.

With most of the scenes in this pilot episode, I was giddy with excitement at how many action scenes were thrown in, and how funny they actually were. There will be a crime of some kind happening in a store or warehouse, but instead of getting all dark and serious, the actors have hilarious conversations and use various props around them to make the scene more engaging.

Even the opening scene makes a play at “cliche cop tropes” to let you know what kind of a show this is the minute you sit down to watch it.

If you love comedies like “Modern Family” or cop shows, but would like them to lighten up a bit and have some fun, this is the perfect show for you — you’ll want to tune in every Tuesday night at 8:30 p.m.

Having only witnessed the pilot episode, I can’t fully promise what the future of the series is going to hold. However, if the clever writing and interplay between these characters are anything like this first episode, then we may be looking at the next great comedy to hit TV.

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