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‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off announced by AMC

AMC announced a new “Breaking Bad” spin-off based on Walter White’s criminal lawyer, Saul Goodman, on Wednesday.

Just when we thought we would have to part with the genius that is “Breaking Bad,” AMC presents us with an entire prequel series.

The working title? You guessed it: “Better Call Saul,” the infamous and memorable catchphrase from the lawyer’s commercials.

Although it has long been a rumor, the official announcement is still fresh and very little information has been released.

What we do know is that “Breaking Bad” writer Peter Gould will produce the show, which will star Bob Odenkirk, who currently plays Goodman on “Breaking Bad,” and will focus on the lawyer’s life before Walter White. No release date or other casting has been announced.

For those who are unfamiliar with the show, Walter White, a high school science teacher/cancer patient/meth cook, runs into some legal troubles when one of his dealers gets arrested on the job.

Naturally, he has to hire a lawyer; when involved in the meth business it’s better to have a criminal lawyer who is a “criminal” lawyer, according to his partner Jesse Pinkman.

We meet Saul Goodman in season two. He is a sleazy and sneaky defense lawyer who, despite his negative portrayal, is fantastic at his job and rescues White and Pinkman from many disasters.

As soon as Goodman is hired, he is dragged along on a non-stop adventure. He becomes the duo’s go-to man to solve many of their problems and even helps boost business.

Goodman fixes legal messes ranging from parking tickets all the way to mass murder. Thus, he serves Albuquerque’s sketchiest, including “Breaking Bad’s” main character Walter White.

We don’t know a lot about Goodman’s life before he gets involved with White and Pinkman.

He says a few things about himself here and there throughout the seasons, including that his second wife cheated on him with his stepdad and that his real name is McGill.

It’s safe to assume his life has always been filled with drama — drama that “Breaking Bad” fans and other television lovers will eat up.

We can only guess what this new show will entail — Goodman always seems to be overflowing with beneficial contacts.

Will we get to see him create his network? Will we get to see more of Mike Ehrmantraut, Goodman’s occasional sidekick, and how the two met? How did Goodman become such a famous lawyer in New Mexico?

And what about his other clients? Is Walter White his most time-consuming and dramatic client or are there others that will fascinate us?

One of “Breaking Bad’s” strong points is its writing — not just the plot but the dialogue as well. Odenkirk consistently gives a solid delivery of Goodman’s obnoxious and hilarious lines.

Although he may not always abide by the law or make the best decisions, he is still a likeable guy who can carry a TV show, and it’s exciting to see where this will go.

This article draws information from USA Today.

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