Boer-Bennink looks to bounce back from tie for dead last


Photo by Anna Delph.

If Boer-Bennink’s (BB) Monsters, Inc. theme of Chaos Day doesn’t scare you, it should, according to dorm residents.

“What we are doing to prepare is a long-fortified secret, and if I spoke of it I would most likely lose my … well, you get the idea,” said third Boer resident assistant Will Thatcher.

His dorm has ramped up the intensity in response to tying for last place in the games last year. Despite the clear threat of a repeat performance from Schultze-Eldersveld (SE) this year, the residents of BB are more focused on what they can control than other dorms’ track records.

“Our greatest adversary is ourselves,” said Thatcher. “We have put in the practice time; now all we have to do is execute.”