Five candidates run for six open senator spots


Photo by Ryan Struyk

Sang Hun Choi

Republic of Korea

International Relations

I have lived in South Korea my whole life before coming to Calvin College.  My parents are missionaries who ministered in Turkey. Because I realized from my parents that God calls me to go to the Middle East, I decided to become a missionary. I hope that I can work in IGOs or NGOs and share the gospel.

Eresnara Utse-Oritselaju

Lagos, Nigeria

International Relations and Economics

I am a transfer student from Covenant College in Nigeria. I am the first of four children, so I am not alienated from responsibility. My aim is to respectfully take charge of situations. I believe that it is through determination that success is achieved, so I am willing to go the extra mile to get things done.

Binny Chung

Psychology and Studio Art


I was born in Grand Rapids and spent four years here before my family moved to the Netherlands. After living in the Netherlands for four years, my family moved to Korea, where they currently live. I love to work with people, and it is through those experiences I thrive.  When I graduate, I hope to be an art therapist and an image consultant.

Ana VanLenKhuyzen

Elementary Education

Palos Heights, Illinois

I have attended school in northern Illinois my whole life. I have always loved to serve people and be the hands and feet to those around me.  In high school, I was in student senate for two years, and I am officially a nationally qualified student senate member through the National Association of Student Councils. After I graduate, I want to be a missionary teacher in Uganda.  I want to serve God through serving and representing the student body.

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