‘Calvin Crush’ Twitter feed ends, became ‘too time-consuming’

The @CalvinCrush Twitter feed that made headlines earlier this week has decided to end, according to tweets from the account’s administrator Saturday afternoon.

“We have a life outside of @CalvinCrush and it is way too time-consuming,” wrote the administrator in a tweet. “And quite frankly, it’s been getting boring for awhile. We’re done with this.”

“We started this page as a joke to just post some funny things about our friends,” the page’s owner wrote. “When it started to get bigger and bigger, we just decided to post things about actual crushes to see how many followers we could get.”

The viral account was created on Monday, March 25 and was active for 12 days. It accumulated 945 followers and posted 649 tweets. The account has not been deleted, however.

The Twitter account was never contacted by Calvin’s administration, according to earlier interviews, but that didn’t stop the page from receiving criticism from students and from the college.

“I most definitely think it’s crossed the line,” said junior Kandin Unger. “There are way too many graphic posts about women on @CalvinCrush to be defined as fun or appropriate. A lot of them I find offensive, mostly because if anyone was saying those things to the person, they would be straight up sexual harassment.”

In its final tweet, the administrator wrote: “Most importantly, no one here at Calvin needs a poorly made Twitter page to affirm that they are a great person, beautiful or loved.”

In past interviews, the @CalvinCrush administrator said that more than half of the submissions were not posted because of their content.

The end of the Twitter account comes on the heels of Facebook’s “Calvin College Confessions” page being shut down by its administrator. A new “Calvin Confessions 2.0” page has started and grown to more than 400 likes.