Gift of Life Challenge an easy way to save lives


Photo courtesy Emmanuel Dua Asante

Didn’t January seem like the most awkward month of the year? The weather was bipolar and you were stuck in class for about four hours every day. Many of your friends disappeared for three weeks to explore some exotic country and yet you were stuck here in below zero temps. You may feel like you have nothing to keep you on the edge of your seat, nothing to keep your blood boiling or your passion flowing. To add insult to injury, you may have attended a remarkably inspiring January Series session or heard about Kill-A-Watt. All of a sudden you feel extremely bummed out about not giving back to your community, in addition to your debatable lack of college spirit.  You must be in luck. Here’s a chance to redeem yourself!

The Nursing Department is delighted to present the Gift of Life Campus Challenge (GLCC) to the entire Calvin community.  GLCC is a highly competitive 6-week organ donor drive competition for college students across the United States. We nurses are looking for a way (through your support and enthusiasm) to make a holistic impact on the healthcare industry in the state of Michigan.

“As CSNA aims to leave a mark on this campus, we want to see this Campus Challenge greatly influence our Calvin community; not simply in our aim to the win the trophy, but in the higher purpose to inform students of this great cause and encourage them to take action to improve and save lives,” says Rachelle Althaus, a CSNA executive.

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up to be on the Donor Registry through email, social media or at donor registry stations located on campus. To sign up and credit your favorite school, visit here and select the school’s name from the drop-down menu provided.

2. Each college/university is scored in real time on the Gift of Life Michigan website. Track Calvin College’s progress here.

3. Two trophies will be awarded at the end of the competition, one to the school with the most registrations compared to the student population, and the other to the school with the highest number of donor registrations.

Signing up on the Michigan Organ Donor Registry is an easy, quick way to give hope to Michigan residents who await life-saving organ and tissue transplants. By signing up, you may be rewarded with a radiant red heart donor symbol on your driver’s license or state ID card for your efforts to improve the quality of life of others in need.

Calvin College is the defending champion of one of those trophies. Last year we beat out roughly 11 schools for the title of the most registrations per student body.  It is our prerogative to defend our honor. Please help us help others.