“Overheard at Calvin” group outnumbers current student body


Photo courtesy Ryan Struyk

The popular Facebook group “Overheard at Calvin” membership surpassed the number of students in Calvin’s student body Wednesday morning, boasting 4,013 members to Calvin’s 4,008 students.

The group describes itself as “a place to post those silly snippets of conversations you catch as you are walking on the paths, eating in commons or walking through the nature preserve.”

The group is open, which means that anyone in the group can add new members.

Abigail Spalding, ’11, founded the group in 2008 with some of her friends from her dorm floor on third Eldersveld.

“We never had any expectations on how large the group would become,” said Spalding.

She started the group based on other popular trends at the time, including “FML,” “texts from last night,” and other overheard groups in cities and schools.

“It was something stupid and funny for people to post on,” she said. “Everyone has overheard something hilarious or out of context. It’s fun seeing current students, alumni, professors, staff and Calvin administrators join the group.”

The group has three rules: posts can’t reveal who said the quote, a member can’t be part of the conversation in which the quote was said and posts must explain the context of the quote.

However, sometimes administrating the page has its challenges, said Spalding.

“The spirit of the page was meant to be funny and carefree,” she said. “Sadly, some students have decided to post frankly, immature, nasty comments on other peoples’ posts. It’s sad to see Christian adults show such a lack of maturity and discretion.”

Calvin Memes, another popular group in the Calvin community, boasts 2,156 members. Match Made in Calvin, a group featured earlier this fall, has 249 members.