International Treasure serves up food and culture in dorm lobbies

“Experience a taste of the rest of the world” was the theme radiating from the dorm lobbies of Calvin College last Friday, signaling the beginning of International Treasure.  Hosted by Calvin’s Multicultural Activities Coordinators (MAC), International Treasure was an opportunity for each dorm to showcase a different continent or country through music, food and different displays.“This is a great event for Calvin students to experience cultures without having to leave campus and as a MAC, I want to provide that experience,” said Luke Bae, the MAC for RVD.

This year, International Treasure hosted a variety of different countries for students to enjoy.
KHvR celebrated South Africa by serving Bobotle; a traditional South African dish resembling meatloaf, and other delicacies that imparted a taste of South Africa.

“The South African Exhibition was exquisite. A good combination of flavorful foods and creatively presented information,” said sophomore Jed Bell.

NVW showcased the Caribbean by hanging flags from The Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica in the dorm lobby.

“We got food from Chez Olga’s,” Said the MAC from NVW, Destiny Nobles, who watched as the authentic Haitian food was served. “We’ve also got coconuts and mango but we’re almost out.”

In RVD, New Zealand was honored through beloved foods and native music.

“Fish and chips is popular in New Zealand,” said sophomore Luke Bae who selected New Zealand as the country for RVD to represent.

BV was packed as MACs Addison Sung and Rachel Rund presented Singapore through an array of Singaporean dishes and music while also promoting sustainability.

“Singapore is really big on no littering which is why it is so clean,” Rachel informed students as they entered the lobby.

BB featured Spain through traditional spanish omelettes, while SE displayed the richness of South Korea and BHT showcased Brazil.

Before the night was over, most food had vanished from the lobby of each dorm, proving International Treasure to have been a success. For those who desired to delve even deeper into the international experience, a dance party was held in the Fish House following the event.

“What a unique experience to visit seven countries in one evening, and what an awesome place Calvin is for providing this opportunity,” said sophomore Ashley Holmes.